It's Carrie.

It's Carrie. Twenty-four years old. Graduate student. Loves baseball, hockey and marching bands. Plays soul-sucking role-playing games and Pokemon.

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usagi looks forward to her next chiropractic appointment

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Can we talk about how Hairspray is a story where a not-conventionally-attractive girl gets the hot guy in the end without having to Become “Pretty.” Because we need more stories like that.

It’s also story about breaking down the barriers of racism which we also need more of.

And it’s about nice hair and cheesy dance moves, more things we need more of

It’s a movie where John Travolta plays a chic, which we need more of

It’s also in Baltimore therfore making it approximately 900 times better

Also ps, divine in that role in the original kicks John Travolta’s scientologist ass

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So my school is fighting back against this principal

August 14- Principal Rich Thomas, in a senior class meeting about new rules and policies, when explaining the new phone policy, said “I don’t care if your Aunt is laying on her deathbed, you aren’t getting your cell phone back if we take it.”

Made a male student change out of his tank top in front of the school in front of him and at least 50 students into a shirt that followed the new dress code.

August 15-on- Constantly scans hallways, walkie talkie in hand, searching for students to either A. Give tardies to or B. Send to the In-School-Suspension room (ISS).

August 19- Pulled approximately 50+ female students from classrooms to be sent home over wearing gym/running shorts, made the girls who weren’t old enough to drive, and who’s parents couldn’t bring them clothes sit in ISS the rest of the day, even though this was many of their first EVER offenses.

August 20- Sent Mariah Adams home for wearing the outfit included in the picture attached.

Side notes: Was fired from Scott County High School for discrimination of the LGBTQ community members of the school.

Is forcing all students to wear lanyards with IDs to get into school.

Gives ISS after 4 total tardies in one semester, giving us 0.007% success rate in not going to ISS. With a total of 150 tardies within the first three days of school because of new, non-relenting policy.

Has expanded ISS room from capacity of 15 to capacity of 40 students with knowledge of the fact that he would be sending multiple student there for menial reasons every day.

And he also was fired before from another local school. LGBTQ Nation sent him a letter and sued the school:

The local news network has gotten word if the large amounts of chaos in the school and the nauseating dictatorship he’s made of our school.

We’re located in Perryville, MO. Literally and hour and half away from Ferguson.

Signal boost this, it’s important

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pictured: neil cicierega just completely fucking killing it

I don’t even know or care who this asshole that started popping up on my dash is. (On purpose.) These are some amazing comebacks.



Bop it, Twist it, Pull it, Spin it, Flick it.

fixed it.

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Bop it, Twist it, Pull it, Spin it, Flick it.

fixed it.

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The Nerdpocalypse Podcast – Ep 146: Why’d It Have to be Snakes?

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The Nerdpocalypse Podcast – Ep 146: ‘Why’d It Have to be Snakes?’ #Nerd #Geek


This week on The Nerdpocalypse, the crew is back with another stellar episode. We cover tech for preventing women from being drugged, advancements in spreading butter, Faygo huntin’, Spider-Woman’s variant cover, Donald Glover’s Spider-Man, aggressive behavior, Kick-Ass 3 status, Captain America 3 rumblings (a really big deal), new trailer for ‘The Pyramid,’ and much more.

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bad plumber’s mate is my favorite Mario character now 

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bad plumber’s mate is my favorite Mario character now 

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Anthony Mackie & Sebastian Stan’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge [donate]

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this is apparently happening

if I see a captain falcon dlc in mario kart I’m gonna need all your energy for a dreamcast spirit bomb to destroy iwata